General Info

New Gibson Price Changes

It’s that time of year again the NEW Gibson Prices take effect August 21st! We are trying hard to maintain most of our prices but grip pricing did increase. On the other hand Gibson is very excited to announce their NEW line of grips, the Summit Grip. The Summit Grip is 1.5” wide and available in Uneven Bars, High Bar and Rings. Shipping on the Summit grips in September.

New Gibson Wrist Savers

Designed to protect your wrists and lower forearm from the wear and tear of grips Check out or new Gibson Wrist Savers.

Soft Beginner Grips Price Reduced

We've lowered pricing for Soft Beginner Grips. XL is $12.10, all other sizes are $12.43.

Product Categories

Uneven Bar Grips

Handguard for uneven bars

Horizontal Bar Grips

High bar grips

Ring Grips

Handguards for the rings.


Wristbands and wrist supports

Strength and Fitness

New Gym Grips to take your workout to the the higest level.